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Unique Table Tennis Tournaments

Real challenge made to improve your table tennis skills

Equal Challenge Features

The Golden Rule in the Equal Challenge Tournament

The Golden Rule

Now, you can choose the number of matches. Now, you can set up professional tournaments for those that last for a long time, and those that are constricted by a time limit.

No Monthly Bills playing the Equal Challenge Tournament

No Monthly Bills

You only pay for the players who are going to be taking part in the tournament, so you don’t need to worry about being charge for extra services or for games that you never played!

Equal Challenge can be run it everywhere

Run it Anywhere!

The best thing about Equal Challenge® is that you can use it at ANY time – whether it’s a tablet or a PC, it’s much easier to keep track with this than it’s ever been before now!


Where can I play the Equal Challenge?

Equal Challenge is available anywhere – at your own club house, at your community center – even in the garage or at the office! So long as one table is available, you can play.

Do I need a USATT Rating to play?

Not at all! You can play this just by using our software, as it will give you a rating after you have played – so no more guessing around!


  • The Equal Challenge Tournament prepare me dramatically for the US Nationals, I learn how to give my best in each game under pressure
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    Tim Stephens, Teacher

  • This weekly tournament really make you better. Watching or playing every match is fun, exiting and interesting.
    customer photo

    Christy Sawyer, Pianist

  • The Equal Challenge Tournament has a very competitive environment and definitely has polished my game
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    Tony Kovacs, Doctor

A play-changing experience

Join us to create exiting and interesting ping-pong matches all around the world every day!