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Although BUSINESS started as a tribute to the world’s best table tennis players and as a place where people could congregate and talk about this invigorating little sport, we soon found that we had more to offer than just a passion – we had a solid solution to table tennis tournament planning and placement all around the US!

We firmly believe in our project and we believe this is a great contribution to table tennis worldwide. We look forward to your participation soon. It’s taking off greatly due to its innovative design and open-ended nature, making it hugely appealing for those who want to become more actively competitive at table tennis.

We decided to find the best way to get people participating was to give them an easy way to make it competitive, and thus Equal Challenge was born. Our main goal is to generate enthusiasm, participation, motivation and promoting the practice of table tennis, providing knowledge and educating our communities, clubs, schools and colleges at local and national level.


Your Equal Challenge Team