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We focus on a single dream…to build and promote the future table tennis needs…

By working at Equal Challenge Tournaments, this means doing what you love. We want people who love table tennis much as we do, who care for the game and want to see it grow and develop as quickly and as strongly as possible.

When you are part of the team here at Equal Challenge, you will be expected to solve challenging problems, make a real impact and build our table tennis community.

If you have the skills, passion, desire and energy needed to really forge a future for our great sport then we would love to talk to you more about it and see how you would like to take things further, and how you feel it would change to suit your needs the most moving forward.

Whatever it is that you feel you need, we can offer you the sanctuary needed to take it forward.

Interested? Then contact us HERE today for more information, and we can take everything forward together, forging a fresh and bright future for our amazing little sport together.