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Our Values


We promote table tennis in a better way

We believe that all good things about humanity start with people themselves. Equal Challenge Tournaments inspires a new and creative way to improve, connecting people through meaningful decisions, and helping them to build up their confidence.

We see table tennis tournament all around the world, but the Equal Challenge Tournament has a strong impact with helping infuse people with the mantra of “Give the Best” in each match! We help turn every little game into one that matters, a competitive match.

From the joy of participating through to the chance to become the champion, Equal Challenge allows you to potentially tell the story of a lifetime!

We think effort matters, and can have the potential to change the world – and we want the Equal Challenge Tournament to help every step of the way for those who wish to achieve greatness.

We promote table tennis

Playing table tennis should be stylish as well as enjoyable. We provide the tools needed for you to make the best impression when organizing a tournament, whatever that means to you.

We prefer simple things

The value of the Equal Challenge Tournament is not just a collection of its features. We’ve found that simplicity is actually hard to achieve, but in the end, it makes things so much easier. We try to stay focused by avoiding unnecessary complex decisions or features, instead preferring to keep things simple so that people can enjoy them.

We’re curious

We believe that one of the most profound values of humanity is progress. We encourage questions, even if they don’t lead to immediate answers.

We listen

Listening—really listening—is harder than it seems. We believe that we have the most to learn from our customers. We value your ideas and our dialogue with you.

We get it done

We have big dreams and we know how to break them down into deliverable steps. Small improvements are often the best way to move mountains.

We’re honest, learn from mistakes, and avoid blaming others

Fear of making mistakes can squash innovation and creativity. At Equal Challenge Tournaments, we create an environment where people dare to make and admit mistakes.

We avoid blaming each other, and we take a critical view of ourselves. We like to openly discuss everything—including our weaknesses.

We keep our promises

We don’t make promises we believe we can’t keep. Often it is easier to say “yes” than “no.” Often it is equally easy to come up with excuses for why a promise wasn’t kept. We acknowledge the uncertainties of the world, but when we make a commitment, we do our utmost to deliver on it.