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Equal Challenge for Business

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Fun is serious business!

Nothing is more fun or has a more universal appeal than Ping-Pong and table tennis. This is a sport with the history and the Olympic credentials to prove itself, and is a game that is known to everyone from the basement to the dormitory, in the offices of Silicon Valley and from the USO club to the local community center!

Injury-free, handicap accessible, without season or limit – everyone has played “Ping Pong”. Its massive growth as a sport over the years has been attributed to its friendly and charming nature, mixed in with the fact that its jus so easy to play and put together.

It has world-wide acceptance from the playing halls of Europe and Asia right down to the father and son bunt-fests in basements throughout America, the Equal Challenge® Handicap System has something to offer everyone.

Unique, only better

Equal Challenge® Handicap System keeps itself up to date, so you always have the latest results, and more to follow along the way so that you never have to miss a beat or have to recall the score again. Save all of those arguments over who is in the lead with a simple and effective solution!

Run it anywhere

Whether you’re from your computer, tablet, or phone, Equal Challenge® Handicap System has you covered to let you get a competitive tournament on the go whenever you want.  Now, you no longer need to deal with various problems like finding someone to go up against or a specifically registered tournament – you can do it all yourself.

Made for business

The Equal Challenge® Handicap System provides your co-workers a better way to challenge the office champions! Now you can be the top player in the office, and everyone will know about it!

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