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Equal Challenge for Clubs

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    The #1 handicap system your club needs to succeed

    Empower students and coaches to succeed with the tools included in our Equal Challenge® Handicap System.

    Our custom points system allows beginners to grow in the right manner, and advance confidently in the sport of table tennis, while at the same time giving seasoned pros the opportunity to flex their skills and find a successful challenge for themselves if they are not able to do so elsewhere.

    This is an excellent and unique method for new students to gauge their aptitude, build confidence and focus on progress, development and growth as a player without the spotlight or the challenge that come with this.

    Awesome functionality

    Create handicap tournaments with just a few clicks. Anyone can become tournament director. Extremely easy to use, making sure that you don’t need a designated expert to take care of it all for you meaning that you can play proper competitive games with scores being counted with ease.

    Easy registration

    Registering newbies or USA rated player never have been so easy. If you are player with USATT Rating we can search your exact rating without open an extra tab. Playing the Equal Challenge® Tournament will not affect your actual USA rating.

    Rating calculator

    No more USA Rating guessing for new participants. The Equal Challenge® Handicap System will help you with that, so that everyone can have a rank that feels relevant to their own skills and their own development as a player as the years go by.

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    Simulate crucial moments

    At all times, we would like our students to compete more to develop their knowledge and confidence. And we have encountered the problem of not having a variety of players of the same level – it’s hard to improve when you are only playing the best!

    With the Equal Challenge® Handicap System, it is now possible to bridge this gap. Measure how your students perform in real games under pressure regardless of the level of the opponent.

    One Goal

    The purpose of the Equal Challenge® Handicap System is to make the game of table tennis more enjoyable. By enabling players of differing abilities to compete on an equitable basis with one goal in common –improvement, we can make sure everyone develops properly.

    Tactic Development

    You will no doubt have been working hard to improve the skills of your students. But as a coach the hardest part to teach is how to handle tight real game situations. Traditional round robins can’t provide these specific situations. The Equal Challenge® Handicap System can!


    All of those hours of training cannot be wasted. Your students will learn to believe and execute their best shots with enough confidence to win more points. Students will perform better in real tournaments.

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    Play The Equal Challenge® Tournament And Improve

    The Equal Challenge® Handicap Tournament was made to evaluate the player effort since the first match without any rating compromise. Finding the weakness point of your opponent now is possible, pushing your tactical game to the maximum.

    As a player you are forced to find the right tactic to defeat your opponent in a shorter time of period to obtain a positive result. Check your progress and results in PCs or Macs and on other mobile devices, including Android®, iPad®, and Windows® tablets.

    Your best performance

    Manage how to give the best from you in each set, your opponent will be surprised at just how much you will have improved!

    The next point

    Forget about the score, your next point is what you have to think about!

    Next level

    Improve and find the weakness point of your opponent in record time!

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