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Equal Challenge for Schools

Ping-Pong: Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere

Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, College and Universities now can create well organized weekly Equal Challenge® tournaments. The minimum requirement is to have just one table. Ping Pong Equal Challenge® is accurately described as ‘high-speed chess’!

The mental alertness encouraged by the sport’s tactical challenges is good for all ages – it’s a brilliant sport to play, watch, and learn from.

The ability to concentrate on applying a tactic requires concentration. Ping Pong is available year-round as a social outlet. It is one of the few sports in which size, age, and sex are irrelevant competitive factors.

Ping Pong works parts of the brain that are responsible for movement, fine motor skills and strategy – areas that could be growing stronger with each match.


The Equal Challenge® Handicap System creates interaction, communication and sportsmanship between students. Get to know the local players and feel comfortable & secure working with them moving forward.

Run it anywhere

Whether you’re from your computer, tablet, or phone, Equal Challenge® Handicap System has you covered. This takes away all the stress and confusion, making it easy for you to manage the system wherever you are.


As soon as the other students know how the Equal Challenge® Handicap System works they will like to take the challenge on and make it as easy as possible for you to manage and prepare with effectively.

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