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Equal Challenge for Seniors

Never too old for gold

Ping-Pong is more than a hobby for a senior. Participate, socialize and compete to be active are key to keep moving forward. The Equal Challenge® Handicap System encourage participation for new players regardless the level or age.

It can be played by a beginner or advanced level – that’s the beauty of the sport. It’s fantastic fun whether you are just getting started, have played for years or have never played before!

All of them can participate under one tournament – it’s a game that promotes enjoyment as well as being nice and competitive, but it makes a fantastic sport to play when you are looking for something a bit more unique to get involved in.

No more yearly tournaments for (beginners, intermediate level and advance) you can promote a tournament every week. Our goal aims to promote physical, mental activity and friendship.

Unique, only better

Equal Challenge® Handicap System keeps itself up to date, so you always have the latest results, and more. Now you’ll never be running behind or have a schedule you can only keep in your head!

Always available

Whether you’re from your computer, tablet, or phone, Equal Challenge® Handicap System ensures that you can get access to your leaderboards and your matches with just a few simple clicks or strokes – it’s all very easy to use.

Open to all

The unique system where beginners could also become champions – it’s open ended and fair, and just a small amount of luck could take you all the way to the final!

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