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The Advantages

YES   Equal Challenge vs Traditional Tournament   NO

 Each player finds a “challenge” in every game 

Participants are classified more effectively

Uses game records to determine the difference

Each player has his own records based on performance

Only one tournament, it is not necessary to have separation by ratings or levels

Every game is a real battle for both players

More effective events, more attractive tournaments, especially for beginners

Easy to promote and motivate new players every week

Easily adjustable-to-changes tournament

A new way of competing in table tennis

It is a local tournament, but the results will impact in a worldwide database

Click and Enter to start a new tournament

No more headaches locating the top seeds

Perfect organization through an automatic process

Everyone has the possibility of winning

Free performance report with your registration



Where it can be played Equal Challenge?

The Equal Challenge Tournament can be played at your club, in your garage, in a community center, at your office or any place where you have at least 1 table.

Do I need to have experience to organize the Equal Challenge Tournament?

No you don’t. We create a software to help you manage all the situations.

Do I Need A USATT Rating To Play?

No, you don’t. Our awesome software will estimate your rating. No more guessing, no more hustle. Our software is very acquired to estimate a rating.

What If I Have A USATT Rating, Can I Play?

Yes, you can. And the result will not affect your USATT rating. Our system do not report results to the USATT.

What I need to organize the Equal Challenge Tournament in my place?

You need 1 table, 1 Google Account and contact our development team. We schedule meetings frequently to qualified applicants to meet our team and learn how the Equal Challenge can works at your place. 


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