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    How do I start?

    Excellent question! A lot of getting started with Equal Challenge®  has to do with understanding your tournament and how a tournament works. The flow starts with logging in our website with your user email address, then over the left side area you shall click on the green button that reads “New tournament” and after accepting the fees (make sure you have enough balance on your account, see how in the next question) the system will start asking you for the  registration of the players, you can do that by typing in the player’s information such as Name (First and Last) and the information you get asked by the dialog window.

    How do I add up balance in my account?

    You can reload your Equal Challenge®  account by going to the center column where it reads “Current Credit Balance” and clicking on the “Deposit Page” button, then after choosing the amount of your like just fill up the following fields with your Debit/Credit Card information and finish by pressing the green box “Make deposit”

    What are the system/technologies requirements to use Equal Challenge® ?

    Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops o desktops that runs any internet browser with internet connection.

    What are the system/technologies requirements to use Equal Challenge® ?

    Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops o desktops that runs any internet browser with internet connection. As for the browser specifications we recommend the use of the latest version of Chrome (50+) on a Mac or Windows computer so you are able to run our web tournament software properly.

    What can I expect on my first tournament?

    Your first tournament using EC most likely is not going to be much more different from other regular RR’s, as the system need 2 to 3 events to adjusts and level the playing ground for the most number of players, However the Equal Challenge® considers some rating slots that will deliver some initial leveling among participants.


    How can I tell when a tournament is done?

    The first sign you are going to get is that, there are not more matches indicated to be played, Also on the top of the page, right below the blue bar, you’ll see a lighter blue bar with a status of current tournament, see example below:

    Equal Challenge Winner

    This status bar will immediately tell you who the winner of your tourney was.

    How do I choose the tournament’s playing system?

    At the beginning, right after you finish with the tournament registration the website will ask you to choose among the options we have programmed into the platform.

    This status bar will immediately tell you who the winner of your tourney was.

    How do you know what my rating/level is?

    This isn’t an easy task, there is no such thing in the world as the perfect rating/ranking, and the level of one player is something that is in constant change, However the Equal Challenge® offers a unique method to estimate or to try to come close to estimating someone’s level/rating. First off, we take into consideration the USATT rating system as a way of respecting those athletes previously rated by the US table tennis national governing body. All this followed by a brief (Just 3 questions) questionnaire, which aims to establish an estimate on someone’s level. Said questionnaire pops up on a window right after the submission of a new player name on the registration process at the beginning of each Tournament.

    Rating players (questionnaire) how do I do it? How do I Proceed?

    You’ll be asked three questions, if you ever feel/think that you or the player that you’re evaluating does not know the question, feel confident on responding negatively to it, the worst thing that may happen is that he/she gets underrated and that still be compensated later on as he/she play more tournaments later on, as the software uses this estimation just for the first-time opponents.

    What happens if both players default?

    This is not a very much desired scenario, but we understand through our experience running tournaments, that sometimes it may happen in case both players get exhausted of a competition if it runs long after many matches disputed. There is one alternative for this cases that doesn’t involve either player being affected in the History for the sake of the handicap.

    By just clicking on this button (double D, see image below) the tournament administrator will be able to move on with the competition, without affecting this match handicap in the future.



    Can I re-do a tournament?

    If a tournament on the EC platform is been finalized, or even just started with just one result submitted on a first round group/match there is now way to go back and re-do the event. All charges (Tournament fee and players fee will proceed and the score (s) will affect future matches history.

    Technically speaking you can always re-draw a tournament using Equal Challenge®  in case a given drawing display any inconvenience for the organizer, the way for doing so is to go back to the “My Tournaments” page and under the column of “Winner” identify the tournament you want to re-draw and click where it appears how long ago the event was created and it will lead you to a window where you can just hit on “try to undo setup”.

    How do I delete a Tournament?

    As mentioned above, once an event is either finished or just recently started with simply one match result submitted, that event is part of the history of those players therefore it cannot be deleted unless there is any error in the typing of the score, for those cases we encourage tournament runners to submit a ticket describing the issue.

    How do I add/update information on a player?

    You may add new information (Name corrections, year of birth, rating number, email address, etc.) related to an existing player by sending us an email to: info@equalchallenge.com or submitting an online ticket from your account in the EC platform.

    What is the difference between Equal Challenge® and Regular Challenge?

    Due to the success of our online software not only on the handicap tournaments but also on the Table Tennis competition management side we’ve decided to offer an alter site for those who want to run tournaments without any handicap whatsoever and that way having regular event. It is also applicable for other sports as well.

    Does Equal Challenge® work offline?

    Unfortunately it does not work without internet access


    Do I have to sign up for more than 1 month?

    Absolutely not. Our cancellation policy is very flexible.  Cancel after the 1st month or any other month. However we recommend you to try the Equal Challenge® for at least two (2) Months, That way you and your players can better experience the effect of the handicap system trough out most of the possible matches in your tournaments.

    How much does it cost?

    Our Platform only charges for what you play, we don’t have any membership fees or monthly charges.
    basically each event you create cost $1 (one dollar, yes only one) and there’s an additional charge for each player registered per tournament, for example if you are running a competition with 8 people, your total will be $9 (Nine dollars) one for the event and 8 per the number of players participating.

    Does it get all matches even since the first tournament?

    Yes, It does.
    Since day one Equal Challenge® keeps track of every match played, as well as the registered scored for you and your players to be reviewed later if wanted. It also tells the history of encounters between two opponents along time.

    How long does it take the tournament to be experienced at its fullest

    From the first day the handicap system offers a mild leveling based on the US rating status of each player and it might take about two months for most players to create history on one to another, this will depend of course on the frequency the tournament is played in the club or by some of its participants.

    Do I get a refund?

    Remaining value added to your account on our platform can be refundable; Please be mindful of the following considerations:

    1. No refunds are available to unregistered Equal Challenge® account holders. No cash refunds are given.
    2. No refund will be made after the account has expired.
    3. The refund is requested due to the original purchase of an incorrect item or reloads.
    4. The refund is requested due to documentable misinformation on our site or schedule conflicts
    5. Exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis

    When do you charge me?

    We will charge you every time you go low on balance in your account and proceed to add credit on your account this will vary depending on frequency you run your events.

    How do I cancel my account?

    That is sad! But we have to give you the ability to cancel 🙁 …. Just Send us an email to info@equalchallenge.com stating clearly that you want to end doing business with us and we will get back to you with a notification of termination of the agreement.

    Can I make a special request?

    Absolutely, We are always looking forward to satisfy our clients, just be very specific on your description to make sure we can suit your needs.

    Does it work internationally?

    Once, you have an account with us, you can run Equal Challenge®  Competitions all over the world, the only suggestion we make is to inform us prior to start the event so we can include important features such as Facility/Location ID, Time zone, and Players information.

    Can I check my previous tournaments?

    When it comes to checking back on your prior events whether you have finished them or not, you can always go to “My Tournaments” tab and you see a list of your competitions with a status on the right side column.

    Is there a fee to join?

    No, there is no membership fee to get an account.

    What if I don’t run tournaments very often?

    You can choose the frequency of your own events, just be aware two things:

    1. The more frequent you run events the sooner your players are going to get leveled up to have tighter matches
    2. Some Players might tend to change their level drastically, making more difficult for the system to estimate their level, therefore when you run a tournament again some games are not surely be so even.

    Do you offer a free trial?

    We do!.. Once you’ve been in contact with our team, we will be able to give you up to $50 dollars in credit to start running the Equal Challenge® in your club/facility/Group

    Can I pay in advance?

    Yes, actually that is how our payment system works, you load up the amount you desire and every time you notice that you are running low on balance you can reload the quantity you wish.

    Can I pay by Pay Online?

     Yes, you can from your Equal Challenge® account. We accept all the credit/debit cards.

    What should I do If I get a triple tie scenario in a group stage?

    First of all, this is one of the reasons why we always recommend you to keep track of the games (sets) scores of every match, in case you run in cases like this. But don’t worry it is easily solvable. If the tying among the three players is only victories/losses, our system will be able to settle it automatically and you’ll see on display the final positions qualifying the right individual (s) to the next round if necessary.

    In case the tying persists beyond games won/lost with all three players the tournament administrator shall consider the game (set) points of every player in the equality and exclude any scores of those not involved in the tie. Then the calculation of points won over points lost shall determine positions in the group.