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The Equal Challenge® Handicap System was designed thinking in the needs of a club, community center or school. We know that keeping a table tennis facility up and running is hard and is never easy to maintain afterward – it’s a big financial commitment for everyone.

We understand that collecting funds for a new net, new balls or just a new table to keep your facility shining is part of the challenging that you face when managing a table tennis facility. We are here to help, listen and partner with you to make that possible.

We also believe that organizing a tournament to motivate those who are not into the sport to not be afraid to participate against the more experienced is not an easy duty. But what if you have, finally, a tournament where all the players can play one to each other without paying attention to the level or rating?

That is a plus! Now with the Equal Challenge® Handicap System this is possible.

We take away the fear of playing the game and replace it with an infectious enthusiasm that can spread across the table with ease, giving everyone the help that they need to feel as if they are really making a big difference!

Enjoy all the amazing features of the Equal Challenge Tournament for just $1 per player. This means if your tournament has 5 players you just pay $5 + a simple $1 (Event Fee). Enjoying all the Equal Challenge® Handicap System features. Simple as that! No hide fee, no surprises. We are not kidding about it.

We hate monthly fees much as you do!

Totally Honest, Totally Kind

We work and live with great integrity.

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